Jason Schwarzman, Youtube Music Awards 2013 Arcade fire Jason Isbell Sept 16 2013 Conan O'Brien

Jason Schwarzman
Youtube Music Awards 2013


Arcade Fire
Pinkpop 2014
Jason Isbell
"Stockholm" July 23 2014
David Letterman
Band of Horses  -The Funeral Red Hot Chili Peppers Robyn

Band of Horses
-The Funeral
(Live On Letterman)

Red Hot Chili Peppers
(to the left of the drums)

Blonde Redhead    

Blonde Redhead

  Smashing Pumpkins  
Smashing Pumpkins
Patriot Center 2012 (amateur footage)
(all over new album Oceania, MkVI and MkVII Mellotrons on other albums)
Link to Live On Letterman: Foo Fighters in concert from the Ed Sullivan Theater on April 12, 2011 Steve Nicks - Dave Grohl Foo Fighters, Rami Jaffee
Foo Fighters
Letterman 2011

Stevie Nicks - Dave Grohl
- Sound City Players - You Can't Fix This - Letterman
Foo Fighters,
Rami Jaffee


Kooks Gotye

(good visibilty at 25:30, 55:02 etc)



Joe Bonamassa Brian Jonestown Massacre

(1:00 and after)

Joe Bonamassa
(6:31, on top of Wurlitzer)

Brian Jonestown Massacre (3:01)

Jonathan Wilson - The Ballad Of The Pines (Live on KEXP) Nicklas Barker
Derek Sherinian
(Keyboard Mag demo, 1:47)
Jonathan Wilson
-The Ballad Of The Pines
(Live on KEXP)

Nicklas Barker
Movie Soundtrack


Lana delRey, several sounds in the whole song,
very clearly at the end (Chamberlin flute):

Some more examples of relatively recent Mellotron use:

Alicia Keys (8 voice choir):

Radiohead (1:40):


Daniel Powter:

Nelly Furtado: