Mellotron NEWS, Products and Prices

Beware of fraud!!
Sometimes other sites are selling spare parts (belts etc.) for Mellotrons and Chamberlins, sometimes machines and parts come up on auction sites.
Often they are offering overpriced standard parts, or parts that we have at better prices.
Please check with us before buying or ordering from other sites, these can often be fraud sites or auctions.

Check out a great studio with tons of Mellotrons, Chamberlins and other goodies: The Audities Foundation Studio

We have presented a new updated gold plated SMS motor control board for the M400 Mellotron and a new series of M400 style tape frames.
The tape frames will have the same construction as the original M400 tape frames and the same original Mellotron plastic parts.
The MkVI style tape frames that fit most old M400 Mellotrons are also continously in production.

Click here for more info on the CD-rom


The MkVI Mellotron has been in production since 1999, which makes the Mark VI the longest production run of a Mellotron model ever.

For all Mellotron MkVI orders contact Markus Resch at

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White MkVI: $6800

Black MkVI: $7100

Other colors: $7600

Hardwood: $7900

Plexi: $11400


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Tapes  (mellotron/chamberlin tape listening room)


For all orders and info on Mellotron and Chamberlin tapes and spare parts
contact Markus Resch at

Mellotron M400, MkV, MkVI, MVII (one roll of tape for 35 keys, 3 sounds) $250
Mellotron MkII tapes (18 sounds each, 2 keyboards) $1500
Mellotron M300 tapes (12 sounds, 52 keys) $1000
Chamberlin M series tapes (8 sounds, per keyboard) $500


M 400 pinch roller $10
Change of pinch roller (incl roller), per keyspring, send us the keyspring $20
Change of pinch rolles (incl rollers), per set of 35, send us the keysprings $500
Complete keyboard for Mellotron 400 (Mk VI improvements) $2500
Long keyboard thumbscrew for Mellotron 400 $20
Short keyboard thumbscrew for Mellotron 400 $20
New keysprings with precision roller with bronze centre (set of 35) $700


Drive unit

SMS 5v2 two speed motor control board, complete kit with instructions $350
Two speed pedal kit (with stomp box, cable w ¼" plug, bracket with ¼" jack) $120
Capstan (stainless unmagnetic precision steel) $250
Plated flywheel for Mellotron 400 (Mk VI improvements) $500



Heavy duty volume pedal for Mellotron 400 $300
New output transistor for MkII motor control $40
New tube for MkVI preamp $18


Other parts:

Tape frame without tapes for MkVI $350
Tape frame without tapes for M400 $400
Drive belt for M400/MkV/MkVI/MkVII $15
Braced carrying box for all types of tape frames $100
Tape frame springs for M400, per piece $10
Tape frame springs for M400, per set $200
Wood feet for M400, per pair $300
Complete tape spill box with mounting details $600
Spill box lid $50
Damping bar bracket for keyboard (replaces thin aluminum holder), per pair $50
High precision tone pot for M400 $50
High precision volume pot for M400 $50
M400 volume/tone knob $30
M400 pitch knob $80
M400 track selector knob $30
IEC power inlet for M400 $10
M400 padspring long/short NOS $10
M400 new front panel $100
Plastic roller under headblock channel $20
Tape frame pullbar with BA thumbscrews $100
Tape frame crossbar for tape attachment with BA mounting screws $100


Banking details and paypal address available on request. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time.

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