Mellotron MK VI Development


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NewMain1.jpg (56644 bytes)  

New mainframe prototype, in situ

measurements for the cabinet

dimensions. 11-20-98.


Closeup of the new headblock

and channel.

NewMain2.jpg (32517 bytes)
motor1.jpg (38401 bytes)  


Motor and mounting plate.

Much thicker plate and sideboards

than a standard 400.

Closeup of the front panel plate.

Frontplate.jpg (42111 bytes)
FrameA.jpg (48497 bytes)  

New Tape Frame. Longer playing

times and no need for a bottom roller



Stainless Steel Capstan

and Flywheel.

Flyax06.jpg (36221 bytes)
elbox2.jpg (36011 bytes)  

Nearly completed power

supply/preamp assembly.



Completed Mellotron Mk VI #008.

Sold to Noel Gallagher of Oasis.

Custom chocolate brown finish.

cabinet1.jpg (48440 bytes)
cabinet2.jpg (44785 bytes) ...with the front panel on.

Looks edible!!

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